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  Herbal Health » Formula for Diarrhea
# Brand: DIAREX

Composition: Formula for Diarrhea
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What is DIAREX ?

Diarex is an herbal combination that provides relief from gastrointestinal disorders. Diarex is amebicidal agent which can be used for treating any kind of chronic amebic infection that results in severe stomach upset dysentery and diarrhea. Because of its astringent and antibacterial properties herbal drug diarex helps in normalizing the bowel moments. Made up of five different herbs that has been used since centuries in Asian countries for effectively treating bowel and intestinal problems. Important ingredients of diarex are bilva leaf powder combined with nut grass which is found to be extremely effective in treating diarrhea. Guduchi and conessi tree stem barks are excellent agents for treating amoeba parasite infections and pomegranate seeds are good source to provide relief from coli and other infections. Diarex helps in treating intestinal mucosa because of its anti-inflammatory properties and demulcent characteristics. Anti-spasmodic functionality of Diarex also helps in treating abdominal colic that happens as a result of infection in bowel. Enterocyte hormone secrets fluids that assist in smooth function of the metabolic processes. However the irregular bowel moments doesn’t flush out waste products out of our digestive system resulting in growth of bacteria that causes gastrointestinal infections. The anti parasitic and anti bacterial properties of diarex helps in removing toxic waste and microorganisms from our body and intestine are healed due to anti spasmodic action of diarex. This helps in normalizing the digestive fluid secretion in intestines and also improves the stool frequency and consistency. Diarex is available in the form of oral tablets and is also less expensive then other antibiotics that are currently available in the market for treating diarrhea without any side effects. Anti-inflammatory antispasmodic and antibacterial properties of diarex make it an excellent solution for treating irritable bowel syndrome amoebic dysentery and regular diarrhea. .

Uses of DIAREX

Diarex is used for chronic and acute diarrhea irritable bowel syndrome amoebic dysentery and other stomach ailments.

How to use DIAREX?

Diarex is an herbal product with no known side effects. However this drug for dysentery should always be taken in consultation with the doctor. Individuals may be prescribed 1-2 tablets before every meal or specifically before dinner based on their condition and medical history. If you miss a dose take the next dose at the recommend time remember no two doses should be taken at the same time.

Side effects of DIAREX

If taken as per doctor’s prescription no side effects are noticed by the diarex users. One should inform the doctor about any other medication that they are taking before starting with the diarex usage. This medication is considered safe even for pregnant ladies nursing mothers and even patients suffering from mental disorders.

DIAREX Interaction

Being an herbal product Diarex drug for irritable bowel syndrome doesn’t provides any risk and complications when taken in combination with other drugs. However it is advisable to consult your physician before starting on the medication for stomach upset.


Diarex medication for irritable bowel syndrome should be stored at room temperature away from heat and moisture. Keep this medication away from pets and small children.

Precaution of DIAREX?

Before starting with this medication for dysentery it is preferable to contact your physician. Although this medicine is considered safe it should not be administered to small children and people suffering from any heart or kidney ailments.
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