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  Beauty & Skin Care » Fluticasone (floo tik a sone) Topical
# Brand: Cutivate Topical Generic

Composition: Fluticasone (floo tik a sone) Topical
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  Cutivate .005% Ointment (20gm Tube)

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  Cutivate .05% Cream (10gm Tube)

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What is Cutivate Topical Generic | Fluticasone ?

Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] is a topical corticosteroid which is used to reduce the chemical actions in the body which cause inflammation redness and swelling. This medicine is composed of futicasone. This medicine should not be used in larger amounts or for prolonged periods than recommended by the physician. Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] can be absorbed through the skin and can result in steroid side effects in the body. When using Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] the treated skin areas should not be covered with any covering. In case the area is covered then the amount of medicine absorbed by the skin increases and it may lead to several unwanted side effects. Avoid using this medication on a child without the advice of a doctor as children are more probable to absorb large amounts of a topical steroid through the skin. Absorption of steroid in children can lead to numerous unwanted side effects or can also result in delayed growth because of prolonged use. In case the condition fails to improve after 2 weeks of using this medicine or if signs of a bacterial fungal or viral skin infection are developed then do contact your physician. Incase you have used Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] excessively then you need to immediately seek emergency medical attention. Avoid using extra doses to compensate in case of missed doses. Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] should not be used to treat any skin condition unless prescribed by your doctor. Avoid using this medication to treat skin conditions around your mouth rectum or genital areas. Be careful while using Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] to treat the skin around your eyes. In case it enters the eye then rinse the eye with water. Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] should not be used on broken skin infected skin or in open wounds. .

Uses of Cutivate Topical Generic

Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] is used to treat inflammation and itching that are caused by certain skin conditions.

How to use Cutivate Topical Generic?

In adults a thin film of Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] should be applied to the affected skin areas twice daily. In children the medicine is to be applied sparingly twice a day. Once the condition is controlled then the frequency of application should be reduced to the lowest effective dose. A small amount of Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] is to be applied to the affected area and then it should be gently rubbed into the skin.You should wash your hands before and after each application. Care should be taken while using Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] in areas where your skin creases such as armpits knees and elbows as these areas may absorb more medication. Avoid the medicine in eyes mouth and mucous membranes. To protect these areas cover them with a cotton gauze dressing. Refrain from using plastic occlusive dressings where there is no air to circulate to the area.

Side effects of Cutivate Topical Generic

Side effects because of Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] are allergic reactions acne-like rash excessive hair growth inflamed hair follicles inflammation around the mouth discoloration of the skin blurred vision mood changes sleep complaints weight gain muscle weakness etc.

Cutivate Topical Generic Interaction

There are many drugs which interact with Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone]. Inform your physician about all the prescription you take vitamins minerals herbal products etc.


Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] should be stored at room temperature. It should be kept away from moisture and heat. It should not be stored in freeze.

Precaution of Cutivate Topical Generic?

• Avoid taking this cortico-steroidal medication if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant or are breast-feeding • Refrain from taking this medicine if you have allergies to medicine or other substances • Caution should be taken in taking Cutivate Topical [Fluticasone] if you have an acne-like rash rosacea inflammation around the mouth skin thinning a skin infection measles tuberculosis TB chickenpox shingles or a positive TB skin test • Take care in taking this medicine if you are taking an oral corticosteroid eg prednisone or similar medicines
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